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The surviving ruins of King John’s Palace are a small fragment of a once much larger site.

The project for the consolidation of the ruins was driven by the landowner Mickie Bradley and financially supported by English Heritage and Nottinghamshire County Council. The site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The consolidation of the ruins was made more complicated by the fact that the visible remains are of wall core only - all of the facing work has been rubbed away. The core displayed interesting features of the construction including banding where the core was brought to level whilst built in conjunction with the now missing facing work; ghosts of joist pockets were also visible. The stonework was consolidated carefully using lime mortars, with some underbuilding and use of Cintec Anchors to support vulnerable masonry.A soft capping of locally sourced grass was provided.

Peter Rogan produced the repairs schedules and specifications and tendered the works in accordance with English Heritage grant conditions and then administered the repairs contract. TimeTeam subsequently undertook a dig at King John’s Palace in 2011, the year after the completion of repairs.This was the first and only Time Team dig in the county of Nottinghamshire.

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