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Please scroll down for our Statement on our temporary Coronavirus Policy (updated 23/3/2020)

Peter Rogan & Associates Limited are architects and historic buildings consultants. Whilst we work in all sectors of construction, we specialise in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and in developments in historic settings.

Our friendly and experienced team includes conservation accredited architects and specialists. Our clients include owners of historic buildings, churches and historic building trusts.

We welcome you to our website.

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In anticipation of disruption caused by mitigation of risks associated with Coronavirus we have adopted the following measures:

• We have recently invested in new I.T. and cloud storage systems to make it easier for our team to work from home. For the time being, the office will not normally be manned and team members will work from home (when not making necessary work related visits). 

• We will continue to make site visits, undertake surveys etc. as required to continue our business or help contractors or clients continue with their work, but we may encourage transfer of information via email or other means if this is a reasonable method to avoid unnecessary visits or meetings. We will encourage any necessary meetings or visits to be attended only by the fewest necessary number of attendees and measures to ensure 'social distancing' employed.

• We would be grateful if our invoices can be paid by BACS rather than by cheque whenever this is possible.

• Contractors submitting tenders may do so by sending a scanned copy of their submission to us by email; please do not send paper copies of tenders by recorded delivery as their may be no one in the office to receive them.

• We expect our team to continue to undertake work as normally as possible during the coming weeks, but we will not expect them to work if they become ill or if they have to respond to family related issues associated with Coronavirus. In these circumstances we will do our best to support our team members and minimise impact on clients. 

• Remote working will increase reliance on use of emailed communications; we may also not be able to meet as a team as regularly as we would like to co-ordinate tasks or pass on messages. Our core work includes survey work, producing drawings, writing reports and specifications/schedules, tasks that typically require appropriate concentration. We ask for your patience if we are not always individually in a position to respond to emails or messages as fast as you might hope owing to need to sometimes focus on core work. 

• We are very aware that many of our clients and contacts, especially those working in the care of historic places of worship, may be impacted by restrictions or controls put in place by the Government which could in turn temporarily harm their capacity to act in custodian roles. We will do our best to try and understand any emerging need that this may entail and support our clients as well as possible. 

Last update 23/3/2020